The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the Forestry management in the Europeaan Union and the world. Forests are an essential part of the natural environment. They have an impact on water resources by purifying water and influencing rainfall patterns, as well as protecting against extreme events such as floods, droughts and related phenomena, such as erosion. They act as a stabiliser for the Earth’s climate, absorbing carbon dioxide that would otherwise be in the atmosphere, storing carbon and producing oxygen. The course cover various aspects of forests, including the activities of forestry, logging and wood-based manufacturing, as well as trade in wood and wood products, and finally the use of wood as a renewable source of energy.

Students must submit two homework during the semester in sufficient quality as a condition of completing the forestry management part of the course. In case of outstanding quality submitted assignments, the student may obtain an excellent (5) grade offered. Max 100 points; passed: 51-60, satisfactory:61-70, good: 71-80, excellent: 81-100.