ERASMUS STUDIES – Practcal grade


BKA2226            Drawing Studies lV.


Annual tasks:

  1. 5-10 min. drawings standing and sitting model, from different angles.
  2. A big-size drawing of a model, using an extension-stick for the charcoal and for the brush for the ink.
  3. The spatial relation between the live model and the space around. Indoor, outdoor. Drawing or ink on paper.

4-6. Display of self-shadow and drop shadow, relation of live model to drapery, depiction of materiality. Plaster cast portrait with drapes. Drawing using the features of the tone-based technique.

7-9. Human and animal. Drawing in the Zoo.

10-12. Valuation of the annual work, planning and making an exhibition.



Participation in workshops:

Attendance at practical classes is compulsory. The permissible amount of semester absenteeism in part-time training is one third of the subject consulting hours. If this is exceeded, the semester cannot be evaluated (TVS § 8 § 1).

Assessment method: presentation.


The method to earn the grade: The grade for the semester is determined by the weighted average of the grades obtained during the consultation and the grades of the presentation.



Recommended book:

Jenő Barcsay: Anatomy ​for the artist, Corvina, Budapest, 1993, ISBN: 9631329194




Tibor Zielinski DLA

16th February 2020.